123FlashChat has chat client alternatives which can be as small as an ad banner. Small and neat, can be easily embedded anywhere, but with the basic functions.


  • Small dimension: (Banner size) 728*90, 468*60, etc.
  • Small in filesize- about 13kb. It has much faster loading speed. It can establish connection within 2 seconds even with dial-up connection.
  • Colorful skins: blue, orange, etc. You can choose one to match your website.
  • Single sign-on Visitor on current webpage will automatically connect to the chat and automatically login as guest**, or you can even integrate your existing user database so that users can keep their identity in chat and don't have to enter username or password again.
  • Backend Java chat server, which is fast, stable and has high load support.


Banner Chat Module

You can place a tiny chatroom on sales or technique support page of your products or service, and your live supporter can real-time communicate with every visitor, turning potential into profit and increase customer satisfaction.

The chat server is running smoothly now, you may click Publish Chat to generate code for your webpage then.

How to use the special module?

The module is free, you can freely use it. But Remember: the bottom line to use this chat module is that you've already installed the chat server of 123 flash chat server (whether demo or full version), because it's just an extra module and can't be used standalone, it's a chat client which can only work with 123 flash chat "server".

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